North Korean Military Action Imminent

Since the end of the Korean War, in 1953, the US has kept a watchful eye over the northern part of the Korean peninsula. North Korea has made repeated threats to many countries, however its leaders have specifically referenced the US as its enemy.

Current Supreme Leader of the democratic people’s republic of Korea, Kim Jong Un, has been testing the country’s nuclear missile system since he came into power in the wake of his father’s death in late 2011.

North-Korea-missile-launch-in-20060705-en.pngPresident Trump has made assertive and arguably aggressive comments about North Korea in order to assure US citizens that our government is in control, however his comments seemed to have irritated Un.

A spokesperson for the DPRK says, “as long as America continues its hostile acts of aggression, we will never stop nuclear and missile tests.”

Statements like these show little indication of North Korea taking economic and political sanctions seriously and the pressure continues to mount on a global scale, for UN members to rein in the DPRK.

As North Korea celebrated its Army’s 85th anniversary, they paraded their artillery and other military equipment through the streets and they also showed off their highly trained army with marching and disciplined formations.

The US fears another nuclear test from North Korea in the near future and the Trump administration has begun positioning anti-missile defense systems in close proximity to the DPRK. Aircraft carriers have been moved into more strategic positions as well, in an effort to show that the US is not afraid of military conflict.



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