Man By The Sea

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 3.35.09 PM.pngYork, Maine is one of the most popular beach towns in all of New England. The combination of clean beaches, boutique shops, and small town eateries creates a relaxing environment for people of all ages.

Retired Post Master Edward Thomas has been vacationing in York for over thirty years. “This place (York) has been a second home for me and my family, my kids were raised here every summer and we belong here.”.

Thomas spent forty-four years as a government employee and retired in 2009. Free time is something that Thomas values because it gives him the time to focus on the people (and animals) that he cares most about.

This small town on the Gulf of Maine provides the perfect get away for people who enjoy the outdoors and some of the more simple pleasures in life. Thomas is adamant that the best lobster roll in New England can be found “just off the beach” at Fox Lobster.

Over the years that Thomas has spent in York, he has explored nearly every restaurant and food spot in town. It is said that if you want to get a sense of a culture, it is best to get a sense of their food.

The culture in York is relaxed and happy and those themes show up on the menus of every shop in town. The mention of fresh local seafood puts a smile on Thomas’ face and anyone who talks with him can tell he knows his stuff.

A conversation with Thomas is more listening than speaking, and this is not to say that he controls the conversation. The stories that Thomas has are told in such a way that the listener can imagine himself or herself in that moment, as if they were there.

Thomas has other hobbies off the beach, however they are also outdoors and in places of natural beauty. “I like to think I have a bit of a green-thumb, not sure my wife agrees though.” Thomas began gardening after his retirement and he especially enjoys growing things he can eat such as cucumbers, zucchini, and tomatoes.

The beautiful Yellow Lab pictured with Thomas is his 8-year-old pooch named Macey. Thomas and his wife Diane got Macey a few years back and she has brought an energy and youthfulness that he says “keeps me on my toes, especially in the garden.”

During the duration of the conversation, Macey must have eyeballed a dozen different seagulls, but she remained by Thomas’ side like the loyal dog that he promises she is.

Without revealing his specific age, Thomas made it clear that his best memories are of raising his children in this pristine beach town. Thomas insists that everyone needs a place to consistently relax, and the town of York and the beach is that place for him.

Playing fetch with Macey is part of Thomas’ daily routine as he strolls down the beach, regardless of the season. Thomas feels that nobody should move to York if he or she plans to live life inside. The outdoors has countless benefits, and quality time with a family pet is at the top of Thomas’ list.



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