Small Town Girl


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 11.54.01 AM.pngSabrina Antonella Telmo is a small town girl who is dedicated to group involvement while maintaining the work ethic that earned her the scholarship she deserved at The University of Hartford.

Telmo is a rising senior in the Communication School at Uha and she attributes her success to “taking advantage of opportunities that are presented through the school, like internships as well as study abroad.”.

The University of Hartford was a top choice for Telmo because they offered her a sizable scholarship based on her academic performance. The school gave her the opportunity to grow as a student and also as a person.

Groups and organizations have be a constant in Telmo’s life as she is a member of Greek Life on campus, she works with the study abroad program, and she sits on PANHEL which is the governing board for sororities on campus.

Studying abroad in Florence, Italy, Telmo immersed herself in many cultures. The central location of Florence allowed for easy travel to other European countries including France, Germany, Amsterdam, Croatia etc.

Telmo has traveled many times before her study abroad program, most commonly to Villa La Angostura, Argentina, the place where her parents grew up and eventually married. Her Spanish roots give Telmo a great sense of pride and she can often be heard chatting away with her Abuela, discussing everything from her favorite Spanish foods to the local news.

A passion for food is something that Telmo loves to explore, everything from Carne Asado to double stuffed Oreos. “Food is something that connects people from all over the world, and there is nothing better than forming positive connections over something we all love.”

Many people enjoy being pampered or cared for because it gives them the sense that they are appreciated. Telmo’s roommates appreciate her most when she is whipping up a big bowl of Guacamole for all to share…little do they know she hides some for herself to enjoy later.

Telmo loves spending time with her best friends and sorority sisters. As a member of Delta Gamma, she has been afforded so many opportunities to grow socially, professionally, and as a person. This sorority has given her the best college experiences and she can attribute that to the people who make up the organization.

No matter how many people she meets at school, Telmo emphasizes that her high school friends will always have a place in her life. “We went through so much together.” she says. These people were teammates, neighbors, and best friends and they will stick together for always.

The common theme and the thing that is most important to Telmo is her family and the people in her life. People are the focus of every activity she is involved in and she believes that people make your experience, for better or for worse. A brief synopsis? Food brings people together and those are the people that Telmo loves to surround herself with.


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