I Have a Dream (Job)


The best part about being a little kid was having a limitless imagination. Nothing could keep you from dreaming of being a superhero or practicing to be the next James Bond.

Kicking butt and saving people who needed help is a job description that every ten year old would dream of and nothing could stop them from reaching this goal. When I was young I wanted to be a professional baseball player by day and a spy by night because sleep was overrated and energy was endless.

Once you reach middle school, you get served a heaping helping of reality from that kid who runs for class president every year but doesn’t win. “You can’t be a spy and an baseball player, my mom said its not realistic”

Realistic? What did that even mean? Spies are real and baseball is real, my logic seems flawless. The sad truth is that for most people, a “realistic” dream job quickly evolves from fun to functional.

By the time high school hit, I knew that I was too loud to be a spy and my division three baseball offers would not get me to the Hall of Fame. All aboard the adult train of thought, which job will keep me sane and pay me well?

I knew I wanted to be a Marketing major before I even entered The University of Hartford because math was my weakness and persuasion was a skill I wanted to sharpen.

In my time as a Marketing undergrad, I have spent countless hours listening to experienced professionals talk about their career paths and I able to get a sense of the field I was going into.

After taking some of my core classes during my junior year, I spent the summer as a Digital Marketing intern for a large men’s clothing retailer. This internship opened my eyes more than any class ever could through my own experiences.

Returning to Connecticut for my senior year of college, I thought I had discovered my career path. I firmly believed that I would work in digital marketing until I had saved enough money to buy a private island and an endless supply of Almond M&Ms.

My fall course load was comprised of my final classes that were required to complete my degree, and among these classes was a personal sales class. This class was taught by my advisor and in one semester he opened my eyes to the world of business-to-business sales.

As I progress through my final semester, I am still in search of a post-grad job and I now have an open mind in regards to pursuing opportunities in both sales and marketing. My dream job of baseball superstar and stealthy spy is still an option, however it is not likely to come to fruition.

I have begun to reflect on my strengths that I have developed through listening, learning, and eventually doing. I can see where I will fit in best in the job market and I understand which occupations I am most suited to chase after.

My dream job is a job that allows me to utilize my existing knowledge. It is one that teaches me something new every day. It is a job that I want to wake up and be early for every (read most) morning and it is a place that I will work hard but never be scared to pursue better opportunities.


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